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About The Joseph-Mary Foundation

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Fr. Peter Nouck

Based in Clemmons, North Carolina, the Foundation was established by Father Peter Nouck in July 2020. He was inspired by the generosity of his parents towards children in need.  As a young man growing up in Cameroon, Father Peter watched his parents spend their minimal resources to provide love, vital sustenance, and education to those children lacking the necessities of life.  His parents understood that the greatest gift to  humanity is to encourage self-reliance by “teaching them how to fish”.  They found that by empowering young people with education and skills, they, in turn, empowered others.

Through this Foundation, we enable young people to become self reliant and future leaders of their community by supporting their education and good health.  As the Foundation strives to nurture the disadvantaged, what better nurturers to emulate than the parents of Jesus Christ, his Blessed Mother, Mary, and his foster-father, St. Joseph. The Joseph-Mary Foundation was established to further this dream.  Father Peter is assisted by a Board that includes an executive director, an executive secretary, a  treasurer, accountant, attorney, and a Board with membership from the US, UK, Italy, and the UAE. There is a connected Cameroon board in Likumba Cameroon that carries out the Foundation’s charitable activities