This is the site logo for the Joseph-Mary Foundation
This is the site logo for the Joseph-Mary Foundation




Help us fill these seats...

Within the first year of the Joseph-Mary Foundation, (JOMAFO), we have been able to sponsor twenty students in furthering their education.  We are now seeking donations to sponsor an additional twelve students.  Through your kindness and generosity, we will achieve our goals for this new school year.

The future of every country is in the youth. For this future to be productive and rewarding, the youth have to be given the education that would guarantee this and make it a reality.

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”

Education in Cameroon is not free. Even Though government run schools are said to be free, charges imposed on parents, including registration fees, examination fees, amongst others, make it even harder for the very poor. Thus because of the documented economic hardship in the country, thousands of children drop out of school each year.

It is in this light that the Joseph-Mary Foundation (JOMAFO) has stepped in to offer support to youths, (in her own small way), in primary and secondary schools as well as those in University who have either dropped out of school or are struggling and are about to drop out because they cannot meet up with the financial demands.

JOMAFO cannot change the educational system or philosophy in Cameroon, but surely we can use what we have to work with what is in place to effect positive change in the lives of some youths (Our Beneficiaries). JOMAFO will bring the youth to understand the importance of Vocational/ tertiary Education and help them make good choices vis-a-vis their individual skills, needs and uniqueness.

Hopefully someday, the people who sit in decision making in the country would come to better appreciate the fact that “Effective Education is the escalator for social mobility”.