About Us

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The Joseph-Mary foundation is a U.S. 501(c)3 registered charitable foundation dedicated to working in partnership with our foundation branch in Cameroon, West Africa.   We work with professionals to support the health and education of orphans, children with disabilities, displaced children, and other vulnerable young people.  We believe that quality education and access to good healthcare are vital in empowering children towards becoming self-reliant and independent.  We are a volunteer organization, and 100% of contributions and donations directly support the numerous Foundation programs.

What We Do

We seek to empower young people, orphans, the disadvantaged, and others in need in the spirit of Christian teachings by providing shelter, sustenance, education, medical care, and spiritual and emotional support; by reaching out to other underprivileged populations of the community; and by adhering to internationally accepted best practices in the care of children and adults. We sponsor children to go to school, and we hold health fairs in a new health clinic we have established with local support.

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