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Who We Are

The formation of the Joseph-Mary Foundation came about because of the selfless works of Marianne Nouck. Mama Marianne lived a simple, loving and caring life in Cameroon. She was devoted to assisting others. Mama and Papa Nouck opened their arms and home to children from far and near, especially the orphans and the less privileged. Giving the children the stability of a safe haven, and sponsoring their education, but tolerating no nonsense. Their home was a place of refuge. The Joseph-Mary Foundation honors their memory by continuing to care for the underprivileged of Cameroon, both young and old.

Through this foundation, we enable young people to become self reliant and future leaders of their community by supporting their education and good health. The Joseph-Mary Foundation was established to foster the legacies of  Joseph and Marianne. The foundation is  managed by a board that includes an executive director, executive secretary, a treasurer, accountant, attorney and board members from the U.S, UK, Italy, and UAE. There is a connected Cameroon board in Likomba , Cameroon that carries out the foundation’s charitable activities.

Executive Committee

Dr. Peter Robie

Dulcea Lachino

Kathy Thomas

Irene Njume

Thomas Bibum

Njimpe Stella

Fr. Peter Nouck, Advisor.

Health Committee

Njinpe Stella MBonke

Regina Njeta

Dr. Emeka Orajaka

Dr. Patricia Orajaka

Dr. Eric Ngouvtal

Dr Gildas Simo

Education Committee

Thomas N. Bibum

Okori A. Uneke

Sister Hilda Agah

Irene Njume

Helen Epah